We, Kokusai Nohki, are a trading company, importing agricultural equipment to the Japanese market from all over the world and supplying domestic dealers with them and spare parts needed for them.

We are doing our best to provide Japan’s farmers with high quality implements, looking for the newest machines and solutions and bringing that technology to Japan.

We appreciate our valuable partners in Japan and abroad.

Company name            Kokusai Nohki CO.,LTD

Founded                         1967

Address                           4-15, 2Joh 4Chome Akebono, Teine-ku, Sapporo, Japan 006-0832

                                          Tel: 81-11-681-5931

                                          Fax: 81-11-682-5931

President                        Toshiyuki  KOIKE

Main business               Kokusai Nohki is a trading company, importing and exporting machinery and implements, spare parts and other equipment for agriculture and industry.

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